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Electronic Music Instruments Workshop

Werkstatt für elektronische Musikinstrumente


Some allready done repairs

Not only repair. This include maintenance, cleaning, callibrating and complete disassembly and rebuild. Sometimes works laying on of hands too.


MIDI Kits, CV Input and more

Add more controll to a synthesizer or drummachine. Tubbutec make famous MIDI Kits that turns a Synth do more than before, esp. in Arpeggiator Mode. 

Rapid Prototyping

Self Builds and Third Party Kits

Most are clone or equivalent builds for obsolete parts. Some are the whole instrument. A few exist only as idea. It solve the need for the repair workshop.


Stuff that isn't a music instrument

Something that is not a instrument or belongs to. Maybe it could be used as one. Its done for friends or family. And its always open for future builds.

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