Electronic Music Instruments Workshop

Werkstatt für elektronische Musikinstrumente

Roland TR-606

Mungo Mod

Change the original design by using the Mungo Mod schematics. Doing this while no or small change in the case design. Install separate outputs.

Korg KR-55B

Tubbutec UniPulse

Fix a brocken power cable. Build in the Tubbutec UniPulse Drum Synth Interface. Callibrate this with the  UniPulse App to work with the KR-55B.

Roland Juno 6/60

Tubbutec JunoSix MIDI

Change the original CPU with the Tubbutec JunoSix CPU.
Install all new components on the boards to work with the new CPU and callibrate the Synthesizer.

Korg Monotribe

MIDI separate Outs, Decay control

Adding MIDI, separate Outputs for the Drums and addional control for the drum decays. Doing this while no or small change in the case design

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