Electronic Music Instruments Workshop

Werkstatt für elektronische Musikinstrumente

Syncussion SY-1

1:1 Copy of the original Drum Synth

Impressed by an original SY-1, want a Syncussion too.
Scan the original Boards. Make a BOM and rebuild the whole Drum Synthesizer.

RE-303 Bass Line

1:1 Copy of a TB-303 by DinSync

These is a Alpha RE-303. Use a BA662F adapter and parts from an broken TR-606. There are now avialable on the DinSync shop called Space Cadet.

Roland BA662F

Make an adaptor for this old obsolete part

Removed a BA662F from an 80017 VCF/VCA IC. Make a working adapter and select these by messuring the
DC-offset of the used BA662F.

Boss DM-2 BBD Delay  

1:1 Copy and subboard add

Build a board and put the components on. Use 4 BBD ICs to make a longer delay time than the original, via a subboard like the AD3208 delay.

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