Electronic Music Instruments Workshop

Werkstatt für elektronische Musikinstrumente

Roland System 100

Model 102 restauration

Disassembling of the whole synth. Change a brocken rotating switch. Cleaning every single Pot. Screenprinting the old face plate.

Roland alpha Juno 2

No sound at keys or MIDI

Fix a brocken control PCB. Change the battery. Measure anything. Try out which part make this strange trouble. On the end changed a bad CPU.

Korg Maxikorg M-500

Cleaned the PCB from some bad caps

A cheap MS20/MS10 style Synthesizer. Change some bad caps, cleaned the PCB and repair some bad connections. Add CV/Gate Inputs.

Eventide H-3000 Harmonizer

Non working push button and encoder

Fix the encoder by changing the position of the rotating plastic and tighten this up . Desolder the brocken push switch and solder a new one in.

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